Conan's StatTracker

Why pay $8 for Yahoo's Fantasy Football StatTracker when this one is more powerful and free?

StatTracker downloads stats from Yahoo Fantasy Football and calculates scores. 


  • Automatically updates every minute

  • Calculates stats for any week of the season

  • Box scores for each team

  • Series W-L record for each matchup

  • Dream Team for each week

  • Nightmare Team for each week


  • Download StatTracker (link below)

  • Connect to internet

  • Launch StatTracker

  • StatTracker uses IE cookies to log into Yahoo Fantasy Football.  If the cookie is not present, log into our league with IE.  A link is provided in the program.

  • Updates are faster if you activate Background Update.  However, some systems will not download correctly with this setting on.  If you get errors, set Background Update to "off".

Right-click here to download StatTracker v. 8.2 (127KB - Zipped)


Just one of the many things I do to give other people a chance to catch up to me in Fantasy Football.  If that doesn't help you, click here to get some additional help.  

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